I believe that psychotherapy needs to be a place where, in a safe and confidential environment, you can talk about your most personal thoughts, feelings and life experiences.

For a variety of reasons, a person may find themselves suffering from painful feelings and exhibiting behaviors that negatively impact some or many aspects of their life and even their health. The psychotherapeutic process provides an opportunity to explore and understand these feelings and experiences through a clearer lens, whether you are a teenager or a senior. Ultimately, this brings about positive changes in the way you see yourself, and choices you make. You can learn healthy coping mechanisms, improve communication and have more control over those things that undermine the success of your life.

Of course, there are a variety of reasons and stages of life that brings a person to therapy. Whatever it is, the work will lead to a relationship with yourself that is more loving, honest, constructive and nurturing. No matter what your age, that relationship is essential to living an authentic, healthy and rewarding life.